I recently came up with this idea inspired by MOOCs and other popular forms of online learning. I have taken a few MOOCs since high school but I never truly enjoyed them because I felt the video lecture format was clunky and awkward. It was difficult to find where material was presented and a bit time-consuming to filter through the unnecessary parts of the video. Then, testing is done through a standard web form, which feels uninspiring. Even, more these MOOCs do not work well with mobile devices making online learning a very time-consuming task that requires a level of dedication that is difficult for most people to muster in their busy lives. I have high hopes for online learning and I feel that what’s out there is not what I have imagined.

When I imagine the future of online learning, I can see myself assembling virtual circuits and coding up new algorithms side by side with the material teaching them. I imagined it would be active and engaging like a game as well as encouraging creativity with personal projects and not passive like watching a lecture and answering a 10 question quiz.

That is why I am working on a new project to teach college-level engineering courses in an interactive way using game-like teaching tools and a collaberative, creative environment.

I think it would be very interesting if this project was made as an app so that users could spend maybe a few minutes each day learning about something new and getting closer to finishing a course that they can then present on their resume along with the project they worked on.

I am also curious as to how I may use machine learning to better predict how to teach a user based on past performance.

More details coming soon…